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the · merry · pineapple · goes · to · europe!

Guys, I'm so happy for us! We rock. Uh... I typed up that…

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Guys, I'm so happy for us! We rock. Uh... I typed up that list of the things we did each day that Sarah and I kept track of, I mean it's mostly little things to remember and probably a lot of it you don't really care about (like Sarah's remembering of every hot guy we saw...^_^) But if you want it it's under this cut
Day 1 (Killarney, Ireland)
  • Bus to Limerick from airport
  • Bus to Killarny
  • Break all ATMs in Killarney
  • Paddy’s palace on corner, pink door
  • All together in one room
  • Killarney National Park
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 2 one day early!
  • Small pub for dinner
Day 2 (Killarney/Dublin, Ireland)
  • Got breakfast (toast & bread)
  • Packed, went back to park
  • Bus to Dublin
  • Found hostel (Paddy’s Palace with orange door)
  • Sarah, Becky, Kelsey in separate room with 2 old women, 2 hot guys, and 1 big black guy
  • Irish pub, good live music (see CD)
  • Went to Temple Bar, ice cream & flame throwers
  • Becky got smacked in the ass
  • Showers with clear glass doors
Day 3 (Dublin, Ireland/ Paris, France)
  • Got breakfast
  • Bus to airport, flew to Paris
  • Pigeon with wire caught in foot
  • Had crazy hard time getting to hostel (Absolute Paris, found it)
  • Ate McDonalds, crazy door scared Sarah & Kelsey
  • Figured out metro
  • Moved beds
Day 4 (Paris, France)
  • Got AWESOME breakfast (croissants & good rolls)
  • Went to grocery mart & walk
  • Bought cheap shirts
  • Wisconsin boy
  • Went to top of Arc Du Triumph 
  • Girls walked over grate, pulled a Marilyn Monroe
  • Went to top of Eiffel Tower
  • Wrote HI with bodies at Eiffel Tower
  • Crazy homeless French guy
  • ‘For de baaaaaaaaby!’
  • Lights went out in hostel
  • Italy won world cup
Day 5 (Paris, France)
  • Missed breakfast
  • Went to Montmarte
  • Saw Moulin Rouge
  • Sucked into bracelets
  • Went to church on hill
  • Went to the Opera House (closed)
  • Went to the Louvre (closed)
  • Crowded train broke down
  • Got made fun of by French guys
  • *Toby & Kinders engaged*
  • Engagement dinner (good beef)
  • Scary man scared the crap out of Becky
Day 6 (Paris, France/ Brussels, Belgium)
  • Breakfast with nice guy (AJ)
  • Dog waiting in line at post office
  • Got seats confused on train to Brussels
  • Missed 2nd train by 30 seconds
  • Different train with like 40 crazy Dutch kids (BECAUSE OF YOU!!!)
  • Got lost, gave up (see picture)
  • Van Gogh hostel with squeaky beds
  • Free pasta! We cooked it
Day 7 (Brussels, Belgium/ Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Got breakfast (5 slices of bread!)
  • Freezing metro train
  • Cute hat boy
  • Jake Gyllenhal gorgeous eyes boy
  • Made up music game
  • 3 hour train to Amsterdam
  • Dinner at Pizzeria, waited forever for check
  • Disco place
  • Sarah & Kelsey got whistled at
  • Pot smells funny
Day 8 (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Got breakfast (no toaster!)
  • Sarah eats cardboard with grains
  • Crazy small annoying shower
  • Packets of peanut butter!
  • Went shopping- pot everywhere
  • Ears pierced – owie
  • Laundry
  • Sarah got hit on by hot fireman
  • Crazy duck weird things that dive & pop
  • The almost fight between bike and car
  • Red light district
  • Erotic museum
  • Wok to Walk (Rew determined that Great Wall is better)
Day 9 (Amsterdam, Holland)
  • Nutella for breakfast!
  • Van Gogh museum (not Sarah & Kelsey)
  • Crazy metal lizards
  • Sarah & Kelsey got awesome boots
  • Robot angel in love with Rew
  • Cootà weird duck things
  • Anne Frank house
  • Becky’s corset
  • Kelsey ran into a hot guy in her underwear
  • Red light district at night (women in windows)
Day 10 (Amsterdam, Holland/ Cologne, Germany)
  • Breakfast with backpacks
  • Long walk to train station
  • HALE!!
  • H&M in Bonn
  • Night with Hale & Svenja
  • Crazy long walk home (very scary)
  • Separate comforters in Hale’s parent’s room
Day 11 (Cologne, Germany)
  • Really good/big breakfast with Hale’s parents (more fruit later)
  • Went to gay pride parade
  • Climbed Der Dom (509 steps)
  • Saw lady pass out down Dom steps, smack head, blood (she’s okay)
  • Pole game (see video)
  • BBQ dinner (amazing chicken)
  • Crazy German mirror/ninja video game
  • CLEAN shower
  • Met cool German lady with new kitchen
Day 12 (Cologne, Germany)
  • Wonderful breakfast, again
  • Henna par-tay!
  • Studio 59 disappoints
  • Went shopping in Cologne
  • Awesome pet shop with giant Koi and rabbit cage
  • Grocery shopping, no bags
  • Turkish dinner (meat/dumpling things)
  • Went up the down escalator
  • Double trouble pancake fiasco
  • Fun games after hanging up laundry outside with Toby, Kinders, Sarah, Becky & Kelsey
Day 13 (Cologne, Germany)
  • Pancakes & eggs for breakfast
  • Saw Hale’s condom commercial
  • Saw Hale’s school
  • Saw Hale’s old house
  • Rew’s camera had no pictures
  • Went to camera place to fix pictures (they got all but 50)
  • Crazy long nap until 7:00 pm
  • Amazing BBQ chicken again
  • Went out to Arcade/Billiard/Bar, back at 12:00
Day 14 (Cologne/Berlin, Germany)
  • Took train to Euro rail
  • Sarah & Krissy found cutest kids to play with (Lola, Zoey & Jamilla)
  • Left Kelsey & Darren at station in Berlin (we’re still on train, see pic of Kels’s finger marks)
  • Met up & found hostel
  • Long & hot walk to hostel, incredibly sweaty
  • Australian in Krissy, Darren, Toby & Kinder’s room (Nick) with very heavy accent
  • Played Killer with Nick
  • Boob-injuring showers
  • Derek’s explicit email
  • Sarah, Kelsey, Rew & Becky meet roommate Bonnie, very helpful
  • Very comfy beds
Day 15 (Berlin, Germany)
  • Swimming in amazing pool
  • Temperature extremely hot
  • Went to Parliament, Gate, Jewish monument, Berlin wall
  • Back to pool, ate, cards
  • Russian Grocery Store
  • Gnarls Barkley
Day 16 (Berlin, Germany/ London, England)
  • Got up at 6 am, quick breakfast
  • Mad rush to airport
  • Flew to London
  • Hale & Svenja missed flight
  • Found hostel (really nice)
  • All together in one room (10!)
  • AC! Free water! Ice!
  • Sarah found Blow Fly
  • John the Baptist
  • Becky almost hit by a bus (like 3 times)
  • Kinders vs. cleaning woman
  • Awesome bar tenders
  • Ate hot dogs on roof, met 20 year old Andrew (Sarah & Kelsey <3)
  • Met 24 year old Austin from Austin, Texas
  • Ate at café with Austin
  • Made scavenger hunt
  • Practiced living statues (ha!)
Day 17 (London, England)
  • Sucky breakfast
  • Went shopping
  • Portobella street
  • Met Nick
  • Almost offered Austin an extra bed in our room
  • Saw Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye
  • It rained, Kensington Palace Gardens
  • Scavenger hunt (not Becky, Sarah, or Kelsey)
  • Becky, Sarah, & Kelsey went to chicken cottage
Day 18 (London, England)
  • English Breakfast with Nick & Austin
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Kensington Palace Gardens again
  • NOT pirate playground L
  • Peter Pan statue
  • Hale & Svenja married
  • Café Nero/d (not Rew, Sarah, or Kelsey)
  • 7 story top shop closed
  • Drank Vodkablue
  • Dyed hair (Kelseyà orange, Beckyà green)
  • Becky’s hair dye got all over Krissy & Nick’s hands
  • Nick slept over, Kelsey & Becky in same bed
Day 19 (London, England)
  • Breakfast on the run
  • Becky, Sarah & Kelsey: aquarium at the London Eye, London Zoo, Platform 9 ¾
  • Krissy & Darren: visited Darren’s family
  • Rew, Toby, Kinders & Nick: art museum, the Globe
  • Superman iMax 3D
  • Got whistled at by construction worker & others
  • Karaoke at bar
  • Pack & bed
Day 20 (London, England/ Dublin, Ireland/ New Milford, Connecticut)
  • Breakfast at bakeries
  • Upsetting goodbyes
  • Flight to Dublin from London
  • Brakes wouldn’t release on plane
  • Brakes released on plane
  • Flight to HOME! From Dublin
  • Amazing reunion at Krissy’s house
So yeah, enjoy!
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On July 28th, 2006 09:47 am (UTC), namelessmonkey commented:
We killed A LOT of chicken when you guys were here! :P
And the walk was just 10 min, wasn't it??? :P
Why was studio 59 dissappointing??? Did you expect something else?
Svenja and I went to the british museum, soho, chinatown and to Hamleys, which was AMAZING!!!!!!! =)

I LOVE and MISS you becky!!!!!!!!!
* * *

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