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Better Itinerary July 5th (Day 1) Flight from JFK, New York to…

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Better Itinerary

July 5th (Day 1) Flight from JFK, New York to Shannon, Ireland. Train (?) or bus to Killarney. Stay the night in a hostel in Killarney.
July 6th (Day 2) Spend the day looking for 4-leaf clovers in Killarney, see the Killarney National Park.
July 7th (Day 3) Train (?) or bus to Dublin, Ireland in the morning. Chill. Stay the night in a hostel.
July 8th (Day 4)Aerlingus flight from Dublin to Paris. Stay that night in a hostel in Paris (Montmartre?)
July 9th (Day 5) Day in Paris (Eiffel Tower/Catacombs)
July 10th (Day 6) Day in Paris (Louvre)
July 11th (Day 7) Day in Paris (relaxing), evening get a night-train to Brussels (Thalys?) (Want to sleep the night on the train)
July 12th (Day 8) Day in Brussels (exploring). Stay the night in hostel (Centre Vincent Van Gogh?)
July 13th (Day 9) Train or bus? to Amsterdam. Stay night in hostel there.
July 14th (Day 10) Day in Amsterdam.
July 15th (Day 11) Morning/afternoon in Amsterdam, take train/bus to Koln, Deutschland. Stay night in hostel there
July 16th and 17th (Days 12 and 13) Day in Koln. (Der Dom)
July 18th (Day 14) Day in Koln, train/bus to Berlin. Stay night in hostel there.
July 19th and 20th (Days 15 and 16) In Berlin.
July 21st and 22nd(Day 17-18) Fly to London, England. Visit London Eye, Kennisgton gardens, Camden Market. Stay in St. Christophers hostel in London two nights.
July 23nd (Day 19) Train to Brighton, visit Booth Museum of Natural History, stay in either ‘Baggies Backpackers’
July 24nd (Day 20) Train to Exmoor, visit Exmoor National Park, stay in hostel (Stockleigh Lodge in Exford, Somerset?)
July 25th (Day 21) Train from Exmoor to Exetor. Flight from Exetor airport to Dublin, Ireland. Fly home from Dublin.
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screw you guys
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